Artist Profiles: Jaime Gamboa

Jaime Gamboa is a philologist, publicist, poet and bass player. He has written much of the lyrics of Malpais? songs, along with his late brother Fidel, and shared responsibility for organizing the International Festival of Arts with Iván Rodríguez. Malpaís Discography: Uno (Papaya Music, 2002) Historias de nadie (Papaya Music, 2004) Malpaís en vivo (Papaya … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Jaime Gamboa

Artist Profiles: Iván Rodríguez

Iván Rodríguez was a violinist in the National Symphonic Orchestra of Costa Rica for twenty years, and member of Adrián Goizueta?s Grupo Experimental and the Probus Ensemble string quartet. Iván also plays mandolin, guitar, keyboard, Celtic flute and percussion. He has composed music for dance and theater and is one of the founders of the … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Iván Rodríguez

Artist Profiles: Fidel Gamboa

Fidel Gamboa Goldemberg, better known as Fidel Gamboa, was born in Nicoya, Costa Rica on August 6, 1961. He was the musical director, lyricist and singer for Malpais. Fidel was also a composer, arranger and performer with extensive experience. Some of his songs were performed by Rubén Blades and Pedro Aznar. Along with playing saxophone, … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Fidel Gamboa

Artist Profiles: Carlos “Tapado” Vargas

Costa Rican musician Carlos “Tapado” Vargas is a percussionist known for his great creativity and excellent technique, formed in the National Symphonic Orchestra. Tapao has been a member of notable groups like the Jazz Latino Sextet Grammy-winning Editus, and Malpais. He has participated in over 40 albums.

Artist Profiles: Cantoamérica

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Manuel Monestel founded Afro-Latin band Cantoamerica. Their music is influenced by Cuban son, salsa and calypso. In fact, the group calls it: calypso-salsa. Their lyrics are given additional spice when interpreted by band leader Manuel Monestel in the local ‘creole’ language of Mecatelio. Discography: Seguirá el Amor (Kaiso Music, 1982) Haciendo el … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Cantoamérica

Artist Profiles: Nene Tchakou

Nene Tchakou was born in Banana (Bas Congo) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He started his music career by playing guitar for the choir formed by military parents for a group of their children in Kinshasa. He made his debut in 1973 with a band called Bella Negrita (Zane Kitambo). There after, Nene Tchakou … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Nene Tchakou

Ustad Shahid Parvez to perform at A World in Trance Festival in New York

Acclaimed sitarist Ustad Shahid Parvez, one of India?s finest sitarists, will appear in a concert of classical Hindustani (North Indian) Indian music on Saturday, April 28th. the concert will take place at Roulette in Downtown Brooklyn at 8:00 p.m. The award-winning sitar maestro will be joined by tabla virtuoso Nitin Mitta. Saturday, April 28, 2018, … Continue reading Ustad Shahid Parvez to perform at A World in Trance Festival in New York

Artist Profiles: Les Tambours de Brazza

Conducted by Emile Biayenda, Les Tambours de Brazza works with rhythms from all over Africa, with particular emphasis on rhythms from Congo-Brazzaville, their home. There are approximately 50 different ethnic groups living in the Congo, and each of them lays claim to their own rhythms. Members of the company come from various of these ethnic … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Les Tambours de Brazza

Artist Profiles: Nawal Nawal

Nawal originally comes from the Comoros Islands, known as the “Islands of the Moon,” which are located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern of Africa. Raised among a large family, many who were musicians, Nawal’s youth was filled with the sounds of afro-jazz, reggae, and rhythm and blues guitars. While still young, Nawal moved … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Nawal Nawal

Artist Profiles: Maalesh

Maalesh and his four musicians hail from the archipelago of the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean. Born Othman Mohamed Elyas in Moroni of a Comorian father and Ugandan mother, he has been playing music since the age of twelve. Maalesh is blessed with a soulful voice and also plays electric-acoustic guitar and percussion. His … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Maalesh