Virtuosic Jazz Explorations of Afro-Latin and World Music

Duende Libre – Duende Libre (2017) Duende is the self-titled debut album by a Latin jazz trio featuring three talented Seattle-based musicians. The project is led by keyboardist, composer and producer Alex Chadsey, who has a background in jazz and classical music, and salsa bands as well. Chadsey connected with Uzbek bassist Farko Dosumov and … Continue reading Virtuosic Jazz Explorations of Afro-Latin and World Music

Artist profiles: Susana Baca

Susana Baca was born in Lima, although she grew up in the small black coastal barrio of Chorrillos, “populated with fishermen and cats,” Susana remembers, where the descendants of slaves have lived since the days of the Spanish empire. She grew up surrounded by music and her mother’s good cooking. Señora Baca taught her daughter … Continue reading Artist profiles: Susana Baca

Artist Profiles: String Sisters

The String Sisters is a collaboration of the Celtic and Nordic music world?s top female fiddlers: Annbjørg Lien from Norway; Catriona Macdonald from Shetland; Liz Carroll and Liz Knowles from the United States of America; Mairead ni Mhaonaigh (Altan) from Ireland; and Emma Härdelin from Sweden. The String Sisters began at Celtic Connections in January … Continue reading Artist Profiles: String Sisters

Artist Profiles: Steinar Ofsdal

Steinar Ofsdal was born in 1948 in Oslo, Norway. He has a varied musical background and is regarded as one of Norway?s top flute players. He has worked within several musical genres in addition to folk music. Throughout the years he has collected instruments from all over the world, and his solo CD features compositions … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Steinar Ofsdal

Artist Profiles: Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse was formed in 1975 in the UK with a firm commitment to fighting injustice, educating the masses, and promoting positive messages through spiritually uplifting music. Probably the UK’s most highly-regarded roots reggae act, Steel Pulse originally formed at Handsworth Wood Boys School, Birmingham, and featured David Hinds (lead vocals, guitar), Basil Gabbidon (lead … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Steel Pulse

Artist Profiles: Simaku

Parashqevi Simaku was born in 1966 in Kavajë, Albania. She is a popular and beloved singer from Albania. As a teen she represented Albanian culture, singing folk songs on national television and radio and performing to international audiences. Simaku won many competitions and awards, worked with many well-known composers and musicians, ventured into modern pop … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Simaku

Eliane Elias Celebrates Her Roots

Eliane Elias – Dance of Time (Concord Jazz, 2017) USA-based Brazilian pianist and vocalist Eliane Elias has become of the most familiar names in the world of Brazilian-rooted jazz. Her new album Dance of Time takes Eliane back to her Brazilian roots in a brilliant manner. Dance of Time was recorded in Brazil and the … Continue reading Eliane Elias Celebrates Her Roots

Folk Rockers from Nunavut

The Jerry Cans – Inuusiq (Aakuluk Music, 2017) Canadian band The Jerry Cans is based in Nunavut, in Canada?s far north. On Inuusiq they present a unique mix of folk-rock, pop, indie rock, reggae and Inuit throat singing. The band indicates that their songs talk to young people and their challenges, trying to make music … Continue reading Folk Rockers from Nunavut

Artist Profiles: Sinikka Langeland

Born in 1961 to a Norwegian father and a Finnish mother from Karelia, Langeland was given a Finnish name, Sinikka, and felt the influence of two nationalities and cultures from the beginning. She lives in Finnskogen, 120 km north of Oslo, close to the border of Sweden. Finnskogen, the ‘Finnish forest,’ was first populated by … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Sinikka Langeland

Artist Profiles: Silvio Rodriguez

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Silvio Rodríguez is one of Cuba’s most influential songwriters. He was born November 29 of 1946 in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. His mother introduced him to music by singing lullabies, boleros, and sometimes sones. His first contact with the mass media was at the age of 3, at a … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Silvio Rodriguez